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DSA Preparatory Program

CATALYST is about bringing out science and technological abilities in kids. Students in this program will be personally mentored by our instructors to develop science projects of their choice, and to learn skills such as programming, 3D printing, and mechanical design. CATALYST sessions are a mixture of small group consultation, project fabrication, and idea presentations. Students will get to build their own personal portfolio website to showcase their projects. More..

At a Glance
  • 9 – 12 years old
  • Science + Technology
  • Project Based
  • Hands-On Learning


Self-Organized Learning Environment

Based on the teaching pedagogy of TED Prize Winner Sugata Mitra, SOLE is about fueling children’s questioning nature with the vast knowledge resource of the internet. Self-Organizing refers to the sometimes messy team based learning that children are naturally good at. By moving away from a top down directive, we allow children to discover for themselves topics ranging from the cosmos to world history to Shakespearean literary devices. More..

At a Glance
  • 8 – 12 years old
  • No Limit in Scope of Topics
  • Team Based
  • Open Source Learning


Interdisciplinary Academics

Based on the enrichment lessons developed by Nullspace for MOE schools, INTAC is about teaching the MOE primary school science syllabus with equal parts assessment questions and hands-on projects. We believe that science is best illustrated by experiencing it in real life. Practice questions ensure that students have the prerequisite knowledge to sit for PSLE. INTAC lessons are a mix of lectures, practice questions, experiments, robotics, and field trips. More..

At a Glance
  • Primary 4 – 5
  • PSLE Science Topics
  • Individual
  • Interdisciplinary Learning

Our Companies

Centre for Robotics Learning

We are the private enrichment arm of Nullspace, providing robotics training and enrichment classes to Singapore schools since 2008. Robotics enrichment and teaching is our core focus. We have a range of robotics courses for beginners to experts, with varying difficulty for kids aged 6 to 16.

We are a premier robotics training agency in Singapore, providing quality training and consultation services for Singapore schools and educational institutions. We specialise in training schools for robotics competitions at all levels, and providing interdisciplinary curriculum teaching.

Nullspace Science

We are the education arm of Nullspace. We believe in imparting critical learning skills through our web based and group based pedagogy. We are also the proud organiser of IDE (Innovation, Design and Engineering) Competition Series, an annual national Science and Robotics competition.

It’s quite fashionable to say that the education system’s broken — it’s not broken, it’s wonderfully constructed. It’s just that we don’t need it anymore. It’s outdated.

— Sugata Mitra (TED Prize Winner 2013) —

Our Team

Timothy Teo

The Maker Guy

Timothy Teo

Timothy is a life-long enthusiast of DIY crafts and electronics. He is also rather opinionated on a wide variety of topics, including learning and skills development. He is in charge of expanding Nullspace’s portfolio of technological services and products. He has a BBM(Magna Cum Laude, Major in Quant Finance) from SMU and is currently studying for a B.Eng(Hons, Electrical Engineering) at NUS.

Alan Yong

The Competition Guy

Alan Yong

Alan specialises in exploring new robotics platform and programming software for competitions and special projects. Alan previously headed the school robotics team at Bukit Panjang Govt. High and Anglo-Chinese Junior College. He is also the founder of the annual Innovation, Design, & Engineering (IDE) Championships. Alan graduated with High Distinction from SMU in Quantitative Finance. He has been admitted to MIT Master of Finance program 2013.

Wee Soon Keong

The Curriculum Guy

Wee Soon Keong

Soon Keong is deeply passionate about cross disciplinary science learning and is no stranger to teaching biology and math through robotics. His curriculum design and planning for robotics learning is second to none, and his work has consistently received acclaims from our client schools. He headed the robotics club in Anglican High School, and specialises in LEGO® Mindstorms and RoboGP. He also graduated as one of the top students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Molecular Biotechnology, and is currently completing his Bsc(Hons) degree in NTU.

IDE2015 Logo

Started in 2011…

IDE Championships is one of Singapore’s toughest on the spot science and engineering challenge. The event is made up of 3 competitions IDE Challenge, IDE LEGO Robotics, and IDE Arduino Maker. Nullspace Science is one of the main organiser for the competition event. More… 

About the Competition

The spirit behind Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Championships is the element of an unknown mission or challenge, which will be revealed at the start of the competition. These challenges vary from year to year, but the emphasis on innovativeness, design element and engineering remains at the heart of IDE Championships. There are two competitions under the series, namely IDE Challenge and IDE Robotics. More… 

DSA Preparatory Program

Catalyst Logo copy

CATALYST is a program by Nullspace Science to develop the next generation of young innovators and change-makers. Part of our goal is to help students get admitted to the school of their choice through the Direct School Admission Secondary (DSA-Sec) exercise. Students in this program will be personally mentored by our instructors to develop science projects of their choice, and to learn skills such as programming, 3D printing, and mechanical design. CATALYST sessions are a mixture of small group consultation, project fabrication, and idea presentations. Students will get to build their own personal portfolio website to showcase their projects.

Catalyst Images

Program Overview

Assess Interest and Abilities

Every student comes with different skill sets and know-how. We work together with the student to develop projects that they are interested in.

Project Planning and Execution

We provide our expertise in project life-cycles and help students come up with realistic time lines and budget in achieving their goal.

Impart Necessary Skills

Students will pick up skills such as soldering, understanding circuit diagrams, mechanical design, and programming along the way.

Personal Portfolio Website

Students will get to build their own portfolio website to showcase their projects on the internet, and to document their work.

Competition Mentoring


Students who are keen to take part in science competitions will be given guidance by our competition experienced instructors. Competitions include:




Class Format and Structure

CATALYST program consists of weekly sessions with the Project Mentor to work brainstorm, design, and conceptualise a project. There will be a maximum of 3 students per mentoring group to provide individual attention. There will be a large group sharing sessions occurring once a term to allow students to hear from others what they are working on, and to build up their own presentation skills.

Our learning centre has a well equipped workshop with simple tools and materials for students to work with. More expensive materials might be procured subject to permission from the parent and these will be billed as additional materials fee.

Completion of the Arduino Inventor: Beginner 3 course is prerequisite to doing the CATALYST program.


+ Speak to us at enquiry@nullspace.com.sg for a customised program

Catalyst Projects

Technology is similarly just a catalyst at times for fundamental forces already present.

— Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit —



“How do we know the age of dinosaurs?”

“What is altruism?”


Children have the power to decide what they will like to learn. They form their own groups and appoint roles among themselves.

Social + Collaborative

Children have to work together in groups of 3-5 to discuss ideas and look for answers. They will learn to deal with conflicts, and do peer teaching.

Engaging Curiosity

We feed children’s curiosity and encourage them to ask questions; training them to curate and learn information from the internet.

Adult Encouragement

Parents and facilitators play an important role in rewarding critical thinking and inquisition.



  • + Every Saturday 1pm to 2:30pm
  • + $200 / month (4 sessions)
  • + Register Here Registration for 2014 has ended

This may seem like a small thing, but with critical thinking and problem solving becoming a much more valuable skill than raw information, imagination is a skill that can, and has to be trained.

— Alan Yong, Founder C4RL <Three Reasons Why Children Should Do Robotics> —

Interdisciplinary Academics

PSLE Science Syllabus

We follow Singapore’s PSLE Science syllabus and ensure that students understand the necessary concepts.

Hands-On Learning

Students get to reinforce concepts through hands-on projects, experiments, or field trips.

Assessment Questions

We further test and assess them on the breath and foundation of their understanding to ensure that they know the topic well.

INTAC LineDetails:

  • + Every Saturday 3pm to 4:30pm
  • + $200 / month (4 sessions) <non-inclusive of material fee for project, capped at $50 per month>
  • + Contact us at enquiry@nullspace.com.sg to register


9855 4017

272 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-14, Singapore 588212 (Old Bukit Timah Fire Station)

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